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Employee Training


Level 1--Content

SAPUI5 Overview
SAP UI Development Toolkit for HTML5
Programming Applications
SAPUI5 Developer Studio
Creating a SAPUI5 Project
Model – View – Controller
Databinding - OData
Resource Handling / Localization
Extending SAPUI5
Styling & Theming
CVOM Charts
SAPUI5 Mobile
Optimizing SAPUI5

Level 2--Content

SAP User Experience Strategy
SAP User Experience Tools and Technologies
SAP User Experience Use Case for Building Fiori-like Apps
Create a Mobile App Project
MVC Architecture Review
Best Practices for SAP Fiori-like Applications
Create the View and Controller for the Use Case Application
Identify Advanced Features of the Standard UI Controls
Key Responsive Design Controls
Custom Controls
Extending Standard Controls
Implement the Standard Controls for the Application
Create Your Own Controls
Extend an Existing Standard Control
OData Model Review
Remote vs. Local OData Services
Binding Data to UI5 Control (Databinding)
Set up A Local OData Service
Implement Databinding for the Local and Remote OData Services
Examine Code used for XML Databinding
OData Model Write-Support
Final real time Fiori like app development project

SAP Mobility




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